I know I have not been blogging lately.  But, I did want to write a few lines to say how amazed I feel about the wonderful people I have met through writing the Mad World books.  To everyone who read my book and blogged or reviewed about the stories-good and bad, I thank you!  Here's just a few... - Lori, girl, you are AWESOME!  Thank you for taking the time on a new author and encouraging her! I loved the review on Goodreads!  I loved the photos!

All you people effing ROCK!

I'll be writing again soon with info about Barnes & Nobles, making a paperback and other stuff I'm working on.


  1. OH my god, Christine, I just finished Saving Grace at 4AM this morning (yep, I refused to close my eyes until I saw Grace and Shane have their HEA!!!), and I'm just in awe!! These books were such perfect torture, I absolutely loved them and I don't want to say goodbye!! Already wrote your 5-star review for Fall from Grace, and there will be another one for SG on the way! Outstanding!!!

  2. Thank you so much! That was my plan, you know, for Shane to keep women up all night to finish! I'm glad you enjoyed the books!

    1. LMAO oh I have no doubt, you are one twisted lady!!! Dying to have these on my shelves, can't wait to hear an announcement that the paperbacks are coming out!!


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