Holy crap, it's been like 2 months since I've blogged.  Sorry.
I've been busy trying to finish Shane's point of view.  And honestly, I absolutely hate it and I sometimes wish I never said I wanted to get in his head and write it, because he's sort of making me want to rip my damn eyeballs out.  The only reason I wanted to write his point of view was because I wanted to see if I could change the voice of the story, NOT the STORY.  The story doesn't change, but I really want it to, because I see all the holes I've left there and I want to kick myself hard in my ass.
Anyway, I've learned a lot of things about myself doing this exercise.  1) I dislike talking to men about women, because I end up wanting to either smack them or have nasty filthy sex with them 2) I really can't write the shit that I imagine in my head, my imagination is so much better that what gets typed on my computer and 3) I really like hiding from my family in my new attic/office/girl cave.
There is also the matter of this other story that has been streaming through my brain for the last few months.  Little by little I have been typing down little notes about the characters and the story and my notes are now a 20,000 word freaking document that is a monster.  Yeah.
I'm sorry that I'm rambling, but as I type (not in my girl cave) my seven year old is spinning around in circles screaming and my almost three year old is sitting on the edge of the couch above my head repeating Humpty Dumpty and throwing herself on the ground to 'crack like a big fat Easter egg.'
My husband is working all night, doing a wrap (2 shifts in a row), the lucky fuck.
So, I'm almost finished with Shane.  If you haven't heard, the title is Scars and Songs.  And someone, NOT ME, put the book up on Goodreads and lots of wonderful awesome people have put it on their to-read list, and I love you all for that and for having faith in me...and patience with me and my crazy ass life since the hurricane.  In the next month or so, the amazing Sarah Hansen from OkayCreations will be designing the cover and in about two-three weeks I'll be emailing my file to an editor.  And that's it.  There will be no more Shane or Grace.  I think my problem with the whole thing is the paranormal part of it,  I hate it.  It could have been done so much better, but I'm still learning all about writing, especially that stupid crap called grammar.  Take for instance these two sentences (I love this example)... 1) It's time to eat Grandpa!  2) It's time to eat, Grandpa!  Yeah.  Oh and spelling, holy shit on a stick, if it wasn't for spellcheck - you wouldn't understand anything I typed.
On the hurricane front.  My house is almost back to normal. There's still so much more to do, but we're making awesome progress and I've gotten used to living without lots of things.  Oh, and Phil moved out, about 2-3 weeks ago and if he comes back I think I may kill him.
I've been asked to do a few book signings lately, and I finally said yes to my first one!  It'll will be sometime this summer, but I can't tell you more than that until everything is set in stone.  I'm kind of excited about it, just because I want to met all the other authors who will be there.  I'm the ultimate fangirl.  I swear I hope I don't embarrass myself in front of them...too much.
I'm rambling.  And now my daughters are dragging each other around on the floor with their bedsheets, sliding across the floor and something just broke.  FUCKSHITFUCK!  That's my cue to get the hell off the computer and clean something up.  Sorry if there's lots of mistakes.  Love you all!  XOXO

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