News about Cold-Blooded Beautiful

Yesterday, after the millionth (okay, I like to exaggerate) read through, I sent Cold-Blooded Beautiful to my editor.  So, Kade and Samantha's story is finished.
Most people have a love/hate relationship with the end of a story or a series.  Many readers can't stand the way writers end things, or they absolutely love them.  Me, I hate ending stories.  I never feel finished.  I could have taken Sam and Kade's story so many different ways, but only one way nagged me the most, which was the one I wrote.  There have been countless emails and messages about a happily ever after or if they will be separated for a long time, and I truly hate giving people spoilers, I just hate it.  However, what I can tell you is that these two characters were extremely special to me and I think they should be together and have a happy life.  Yet, even when that said, I received even MORE emails and messages asking for little bits of information.
Some people messaged me every hour.  :)
Some people stomped their feet and had tantrums.  :)
Some people threatened me in various funny ways.  :)
All of you asked for David and Sam's story.  All of you asked for their story yet still wanted more Kade and Samantha, but no flashbacks.
I tried my best.  But you do realize I then have to separate them for a bit, Kade and Sam, right?  I like to write realistically, and realistically I couldn't have them all living together and frolicking freely in the forests together, happy and humping, right?
And about my realistic writing...
I would LOVE to set the record straight...
I was practically bitch slapped once for writing something that a reader once believed to be impossible.  To me most things are not impossible.  Yes, I may 'make up' specific names of schools or bars.  That's because most of the time I don't like getting sued.  Most of the time.
But, the other stuff...the way things happen...true.  From the exact things that happened to the things that happened to Sam.  From the name of the tourniquet used and it's story to the legal things and police talk, all real.  If you don't know I live with a NYPD Detective who teaches tactical training in violent scenarios.  He and other family members are involved heavily in first response for terror attacks and other horrible shit most people try not to think of.  But, here in my house we are ready for the end of the world with all the tact shit and first response stuff my husband owns.  Unfortunately we've had to use our resources twice in the last 10 years.  We've NYers so we've experience 911 (my husband's first day out of the academy) and Hurricane Sandy (where we lost half our house to the rising waters of the bitchy Atlantic Ocean).  Oh, and what happens with Kade, no I don't have first hand knowledge, but I am a teacher and we've had many close calls.  Without getting into a spoiler...I once had a 5th grader (who was 13 and HUGE) pull a knife on me and told me he wanted to rape me, so yeah- some kids can be very violent.
When a story starts in my imagination the first thing I do is start to research things.  I research people and ask them questions about the things they have been through and their experiences and I write them into fictitious characters.  That's one of the reasons it takes a while to write things, all the knowledge of the personalities of people aren't stocked in my brain.  Take for instance when you find out what Samantha is (I'm not spoiling here) I had no clue about it, so I had to learn.  Not only learn about it, I had to be able to talk it's language and act like it.  That's some hard shit to do.
The next question everyone asked is what's up next for me.  Hmmm.
Well, next week our family is going on our very first vacation to Disney.  And I mean very first.  My children have never been on a plane or had more than a weekend getaway to Hershey Park.  And joy of joys I get to sit with the three year old for 2 hours and 35 minutes on a plane.  I don't like planes.
On this trip I am not allowed to take my computer.  Yeah.  I'm challenging myself a little. If I want to write anything I'll have my notebook and a pen, but I won't be spending family time doing research or talking on face book and pinning to Pinterest.  I will only bring my iPad for my Kindle.  It's loaded with books that I've wanted to read for weeks now.
After that?
There are a few stories spinning around in my head.
I'll go wherever my imagination leads me.

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