What AM I doing?
That's the question.  Those are the messages I've been receiving every day.
When's the next book coming out?  Are you even writing?
You all make me giggle.
I write constantly.  I research continuously.
I write in the morning when my kids are still sleeping.  I write through breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  If I'm out I write on my phone.  I write late at night when the house is quiet and the strangers here are asleep.  I write in my dreams too, and wake up and write my thoughts down.
That's what writers do.
What am I writing?
See that's the problem.  What? What! Whaaaaaat!
There's too many stories crammed in my head at the moment and I'm dabbling in a few at a time.  I have the first chapters of a few books written, I don't even have outlines for them, I don't know how they will end, or if they ever will.
But a lot of you are asking, so I'll let you know what I know (which isn't much, lol.)

Here's to Falling is a book I have been working on for a good million years.  At least that's how is feels.  It's a book based on a true story and it's a story that is extremely hard for me to write because it is pretty personal and makes me want to vomit when I reread it.  My issue with this book is 1) I started this book years ago and you could literally see my beginning writing and my now writing-so it looks like a teenager started it and I jumped in somewhere near the end. And 2) I don't think I could ever adequately get the emotions and words write in the book that will get a reader to understand what I want them too.  So even though I have written over 70,000 words to it, I'm not sure anyone but me will ever read it.
Room 269 is a book, and I'm not even sure this is the right title for it yet, that is straight up funny and steamy romance.  Light and sweet, nothing dark, and no crying or dying in it.
Dystopian Story- I don't even know much about this one.  All I know is the images that flash before my eyes every time I close them.  This is an 'end of world' apocalypse story, but not with zombies or crazy shit, I'm going through research (which is scary shit) and I want this book to be REAL.  And of course it'll have romance it in, somehow.
Triple XXX - This one is TOP SECRET.  I am writing a funny-mid-life-crisis book with another person.  It's funny, and real, all based on a funny conversation that all my Facebook friends were witness to where I said, "Hey we should write a book about this!" And then I wrote a beginning chapter and sent it to my author friend who had the FB conversation with me, and she wrote one back.  That's all I'm saying. :)
Giana- All I have is her name, no title it'll be something like Vendetta, but she's a bad ass.  It's a mobster story- think 1990s mob stories...
Then there's a character, a male, who is bat-shit crazy that I think may end up being a horror story and somehow romance with be tied in, but this character is terrifying.  He has no name.  I just call him killer.
So there you have it, some of my thoughts and where I'm at.  If you ever want to 'see' what I'm up to you should visit my Pinterest Boards, because I collect images of things that inspire my stories.
Thanks for letting me ramble, and for asking what I'm doing!

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