Inappropriate Journals are a BIG HIT!

I love all the feedback I'm getting for the Inappropriate Journal collection I I thought I'd make some more. I love making these. Check them out, they make great gifts!

Well, that Sh*t Didn't Work...An Autobiography (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 7)

I Can't Fix Crazy. All I Can Do Is Document It. (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 8)

All the Sh*t I Do When No One Is Watching (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 9)

All the Reasons Why I'm Going to Hell (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 10)

Adventures of an Assassin. You Could Read This...But Then I'd Have to Kill You! (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 11)

First I Drink the Wine. Then I Write the Words. (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 12)

And remember, Fall From Grace is FREE EVERYWHERE! 


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