Brutally Beautiful Cover Reveal

Brutally Beautiful’s Cover…
More intoxicating than any drug is story writing, to me.  When a small seed of an idea is planted in my mind, it gnaws at me, clawing its way into everything I do, everything I am.  The story haunts me.  The characters are real and live, fumbling about my home, waiting wide-eyed in wonder.  I don’t sleep.  They wake me up at night, in the darkness with their whispers and demands.  And, as always I surrender to them.  Praying that the words get written the correct way the visions dance in my head.  It’s as if I’m a wet rag absorbing everything…then I put my fingertips to the keyboard and get wrung out until I’m dry. 
Then I sit back and read it and think, holy shit…what the hell?  And just as fast as they exploded into my mind, they leave and I’m breathless.  I can’t wait for everyone to read my story…

Release Date: (If everything goes as planned…January 5, 2014)


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