Brutally Beautiful Teaser #2

Teaser #2
Immersed, consumed in whatever he was writing, I took advantage of his distraction to study him raptly.  Leaning forward, the chiseled features of his face illuminated by the glow of his computer screen, his fingers danced quickly over the keys.  He looked a mess.  Hair tousled, falling darkly across his forehead, tight gray shirt, a simple cotton one, clung to his body, demonstrating his powerful chest and hard solid muscular arms.  A smear of ketchup covered his cheek from the half-eaten hamburger lying on the dish next to his laptop.  I found myself drawn in, in front of him, softly wiping the smear from his cheek.  Shit,” he whispered, looking up with wide eyes.
“Nope.  Just ketchup,” I whispered, feeling every beat of my heart as it banged hard against my chest.  I couldn’t believe I had touched him. 
...Coming January 2014

THESE ARE NOT MY PHOTOGRAPHS! No copyright infringement intended.  These pictures have nothing to do with my upcoming book.  They're just friction' hot.

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