To My Editor And Beyond!

Okay, so if you're not a friend of mine on Facebook this is me telling you what I've told my facebook friends this morning.  SAVING GRACE is in the hands of my EDITOR! Yay!  This may take a few weeks, depending on how craptabulous my grammar is.  Which, I'm telling ya, is CRAPTABULOUS!  She goes through my sentence structure and my horrible habit of typing the entirely wrong homophones, even though I usually know the difference I just type too darn fast for my brain. Or is it my brain tells the story too darn fast for my big fat fingers?  I dunno.  And remember my two year old loves to kick me and sit behind me on my chair while I type.
Anyway a bunch of you ladies have been asking me all about it, and you're waiting very patiently (thank you).  God, I hope I don't let you down.  The story is definitely a continuation of Fall From Grace.  It continues exactly where Grace left off, and hell no it's not going to be so easy for a happily ever after.  I still need angst and stuff!  So I did my best.  Now, I'm working on Shane's POV.  I posted about this before, I think.  I have no freaking clue what the heck I write on this blog.
Writing through Shane's eyes is pretty freaking funny though.  I know I've written about me having a husband.  And we have one of our best friends (I've known him since high school) who is staying with us while he goes through splitting up with his bat-shit-crazy girlfriend (YES I WROTE THAT!  BECAUSE SHE IS BAT-SHIT-CRAZY!)  He's been here a few weeks.  Anyway, I have two men to talk me through how a guy would deal with certain situations.  It helps that my friend, Phil, is a freaking slut now that he's free from the lunatic.  A slut.  A real life MANWHORE!  The stories he tells me are hysterical and he's not even a singer in rock band.  He's a dumbass electrician.  And then there's my husband.  I won't even try to explain him.  So, they are helping me in this story.  Like last night for instance.  The both of them kept me up until 2am in my backyard (in my pajamas, since I was so thoughtfully carried out of my bed) drinking and talking about what men really think about women.  Holy crap, they are really worse than we are.  And then it just went all downhill.  It was just, "Chris show me your boobies," after every sentence.  FROM THE BOTH OF THEM!  I did not by the way, not to Phil at least ;)  I wasn't THAT drunk.
On another note, I finished Futures and Frosting, which was HYSTERICAL!  In all honesty I want to desperately meet Tara Sivec because she seems like someone I could probably be my mouthy self with and have a damn good time.  If you have not read her books, GO BUY THEM NOW!  They will make you laugh out loud.  It reminded me so much of me and my girlfriends and how much fun life can be!
Love you all!  XOXO

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