I'm such a tease, huh?

Teaser # 2
Everybody Needs A Best Friend Like Lea

I opened the door not even two inches wide and peeked at her through the small opening.  “I’m not up for talking, Lea.”
“Great, you sexy shithead, because all I want you to do it listen.  I’ll talk s-l-o-w,” she snapped.  Then she shoved her tiny little body through the door, which caused it to smack right into my head with a sickly thud.  “You deserve that, maybe it will knock some sense into that gorgeous empty head of yours.”
She dove right onto my bed and cuddled up in my blankets.  “How many girls have you had in this bed, Shane?”
I gave her a sad smile and kicked at the foot of my bed.  “It was only Grace until the second you threw yourself on there.  What in the world would Conner think?”  I teased her.
She giggled in the way that only Lea does and sat up.  “Conner would think you skipped the vaccine they were handing out against dumb-ass-ness.  Listen, Studley Maxton, I am definitely on your bed but don’t let you mind wander, it’s far too small to be out there all by itself,” she quipped.

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  1. Can't wait! Looking forward to this book!!!


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