Scars and Songs Teaser #1

Teaser #1
Shane You Bad Boy!

I remembered the knock on my door.  The blonde was topless, and fuck, I am only human.
Then we were in the Bone Room and were walking clumsily, kissing and sucking at each other, tongues and mouths and fingers touching each other as we stumbled onto the bed.  She pulled my boxers down and her lips were immediately wrapped around my cock so tightly, it almost hurt. 
I remembered opening the slut drawer and throwing a wad of condoms at her and using them all.  I took a deep, pained breath and ran my hands over my face.  Guilt flooded through me, causing a thickness in my throat.  It had been nine months, and the guilt was still so damn overwhelming.  I did all this shit to punish myself, to forget myself, to forget Selah.  I drank to forget her, to forget being what I was, and I slept with the trash that threw themselves at me, trying to pretend they were all her and trying to forget I would never see her again.
The body on the bed shifted. “Are you leaving me already, Shane?”
My muscles tensed, and I swallowed the guilt back. “Yep.”
The girl sat up and the sheets fell from her, giving me a full view of a pair of perky little tits.  She tilted her head and batted her eyes. “So that’s it?  Or you want me to come back around later tonight after the next show?”  Her hands slowly started caressing her own skin, cupping herself and trying too damn hard to keep my attention.  She reeked of desperation and all I wanted was to take a shower to clean her scent off me.
 Scars and Songs will be released Saturday June 15, 2013!

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