It should be no surprise that I follow Maryse's Book Blog.  It's like the the Paranormal/Romance/Contemporary Book Blog Bible.  I'm not shitting you.  (Sorry, remember I curse like a sailor.)  And making sure I haven't missed any good books I was looking at (stalking) her lists of books and her wonderful reviews.  To my surprise I found a book I had never read before.
I believed this to be a small crisis in my life, because she awarded this certain book 5 stars, and I didn't even know it existed.  A crisis because I read more than I breathe practically, yet I hadn't heard of this book.  Something had to be done!
Broken by Megan Hart.
At first when I started reading it I was thinking, Oh okay, a good sexy read.  My husband will get lucky a lot more than he already does :P
But it's not just a sexy read.  There's a moment when you actually say, Oh do you go on from that?  What the hell would I do?
Then the story becomes a hell of a lot more.  It's deep and raw and it sticks with you days after you have read it.
So my advice?
Follow Maryse's Book Blog
And use as bible.
Get Broken by Megan Hart
And strap yourself in for a great roller coaster ride.

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