Sneak Peek!

Love, love, LOVE that you guys are emailing and messaging me with all your love and support for Shane and Grace.  And thank you for the ideas for the book and blog.  I love the Quote of the Day/Sneak Peek idea, so every now and then I'll let you in on a scene...  Great idea since I completely blow at blogging and never know what to blog about!
And the music!  HOLY HARMONY!  You guys have given me such awesome song ideas.  Keep em coming.  And PLEASE let me know about any Indie girl singers that have a Grace feel, I'd love to listen to something like that while I write the end of this book!

What songs am I stuck on now?  Three and they are so perfect for the story...
Exit Wounds by The Script  (Thanks Marie!)
Thousand Years by Christina Perri (Thanks Marisa!)
Better than Me by Hinder (My idea!)

Quote of the Day #1

“Stop Lea.  I don’t get happily ever afters.  Those are just for fairytales and porn.”  I tried to give her a smile.  “I’ll be fine.  Please just let me deal with it my own way.”
Lea nodded her head.  “Yeah, well I still think you do really need to get laid though.”  And that’s why Lea was my best friend, because she puts everything in perspective for me.

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