All Nighter

I didn't mean to stay up all night.  But, I was filled with excited nervous energy.
1) Fall From Grace is ranked #379 in all of Amazon Kindle store.  Um, yeah.  Speech-effing-less.
2) I had to keep on writing Book 2 - I'm furiously going in circles with a problem that I can't seem to work through.  I'm afraid I may kill somebody.
3) My husband was playing X-box like a rock concert in my living room.
4) And I needed to get to the end of Gabriel's Inferno.  Good book, by the way if you are looking for a Fifty Shades minus the BDSM, plus classic literature and hot kissing.  But me, I needed to have these characters have SEX!  At the end of the book I'm thinking to myself that Gabriel just needs to restrain her wrists with his freaking little bow ties and just...well, know.
So I've stayed up all night.  I'm going to need an IV of caffeine today.  And right now my two year old is perched on the arm of my couch with the hint of the devil in her eyes.

And there's all my f@*king awesome readers who are emailing me letting me know what they'd like to read in the next book.  The majority of you want Shane and Grace to finally get together.  You dirty minded readers.  That's why I think I love you guys.  Hmmmm. What's everybody's thoughts on this?  Because, really this book is for you guys.  Something to make you feel the little flutters of butterfly wings in your bellies, a little something to make you feel a bit flushed and bite at your bottom lip...
Love you guys!

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