Holy Hotness Batman!

My freaking eyes are blurry.  I spent the night, and I mean the ENTIRE night reading Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn.  Holy.  Hot.  I'm just.  Okay, I'm stumped.  At a complete loss of words.
I loved the Fifty Shades books, but this?  This was...I mean Christian Grey was someone that could never be a real person to me, maybe because I don't hang in the circles of the brazillionaire rich people. But, Brian?  Badass.  Tattooed.  Pierced.  That was more real to me.  Oh, he could do my next tattoo!
I could dip my kindle in chocolate and eat it.

Anyway.  I woke up this morning to another review of Fall From Grace.  Five stars.  Thank you, Kelly on Amazon!  I'm glad you liked it.  And, Sue from TN, for my first 5 stars!  You girls rock!  You made my caged butterflies burst.  They both wrote how they didn't like how there was no mention of another book.  So, today I shall remedy that.  I will upload a little thang and put it in there explaining that there will be another book, I just have to get off my ass and finish it.
The characters are kind of driving me crazy and the story keeps splitting off into something different than I had wanted.  Maybe my next post will be all about how I wrote Fall From Grace and all my thoughts on the characters and stuff.  SOOOOO tired right now.  Darn that Cherrie Lynn!

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