Just read my email for the first time today. Bad lazy girl.  (I have an excuse...Gabriel's Inferno.) So, this is what I find...
I would like to profess my love for these ladies.  I <3 you guys!  Really, truly, forever.
When I pushed the publish button on Amazon I didn't think that this story would be something.  While I was writing it, yeah, I thought it was belly fluttering, but I thought maybe that would be only me that felt that way.  So I thank you ladies for giving my book a chance, sharing it with each other, and writing about it.  I hope to the gods of good writing skills, great sexy scenes, and butterfly flutters that I can do justice for book 2.  Because, you readers deserve it!


  1. In casa you have not noticed: Maryse just posted the full review of Fall From Grace on her blog. congrats!! her review is excellent. her followers will fall all over your book. she is incredible about writing what her followers feel when they read a book. I love Maryse and I am so happy she loved your book as well. You deserve it!!! :)
    Ps.: My hopes for book #2 are the same as hers (contemporary feel x paranormal) ... Just saying :)

  2. I found your book from Maryse's blog-
    and read it - and loved it and want book 2 in the worst way-


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