In Love with the Love

I awoke this morning to another 5 star review!  Thank you BrazGirl!
I keep receiving emails about everyone being in love with Shane and Grace's love.  It was like that for me too.  I wanted them to have something that was so uncontrollable and beyond them that even the reader felt it.  Gawd, I hope I wrote it like that!
Another question was posed to me about the books I read and my reading role models and all that great stuff.
My favorite authors in the entire universe are Stephen King and Doulas Adams.  I could never write like them though, you have to seriously have an imagination and patience that take you out of your body for that.
But even though I love how those two write (how Adams wrote, because sadly he is gone) they haven't touched my lives like the list of authors and books below...
Twilight...I know some people have mixed feeling about this series, but really?  The first time I read that book I bought it on a whim to see what everybody was taking about.  I didn't like stories about vampires unless you were talking about the real Vlad Dracul (I was a bit obsessed with him when I was a crazy goth/metalhead teen.) But the book reminded me of being young and in love and it rekindled my love for romance stories.  And I got hooked on vampire stories for a bit.  I will never forget being at work and my girlfriends and I were reading New Moon together and they all came running in at 7:30 in the morning.  "Edward fucking left her?" Tiffany whispered.  She handed me her book and told me she couldn't read it any longer it was getting her too upset.  Now that's a great book!
Slammed by Colleen Hoover.  I've spoken with Colleen on the kindle author forums, okay we didn't speak we typed.  And she is the most down to earth funniest woman I have ever typed with.  I yelled at her because her books Slammed and Point of Retreat kept me up all night.  Both books one night.  That good.
Beautiful Disaster was so insane that I wanted to jump out of my skin!  Why?  Because I married a Travis.  Yes, I have a tattooed, badass, Harley riding man I sleep next to.  Sigh...
Thoughtless and Effortless.  My God.  And yes it was from those books that I thought I should give Grace a guitar.  I wanted a girl to be the focal point.  I wanted her to be doing the the amazing things, not the guy.
Then there's Rock Me (I could cover Brian in chocolate and eat him, really), and Obsidian.
Okay, I could go on all day like this.  I love reading almost as much as breathing.  I read on an iPad and I take the freaking thing wherever I go.
I have to stop.  I left Grace somewhere she doesn't want to be and I need to fix it.  ;)

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