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Interview with SHANE MAXTON!

Head on over to to read an interview with me and Shane Maxton AND a little snippet of the newest Mad World Book from Shane's Point of View!

Ask An Author Giveaway!

Readers, this one is for you!! Do you have a question you’d like to ask your favorite author(s)?  ME? Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to ask your favorite character(s)?  SHANE, GRACE, LEA, ANY character from the MAD WORLD SERIES! Now is your chance to submit any questions you have. AND it's not just me.  Check out the 22 days of 22 amazing authors that you can win stuff from, read about and HOLY CRAP, just be PART of this!!! Starting December 10th and running everysingleday until December 31st, I’m going to be hosting a series of “Author Days”. Each day will feature one of our fav authors and include: Interviews.Teasers and snippets for upcoming books.Cover reveals.and…DAILY GIVEAWAYS!!!!(Signed Copies, Paperbacks, eBooks, ARCS, you name it…)
THE SCHEDULE Dec 10  ~  Tara Sivec  ….. author of Seductions & SnacksDec 11  ~  Cherrie Lynn  ….. author of Leave Me BreathlessDec 12  ~  Michelle Leighton  ….. author of Down To YouDec 13  ~  J. A. Redmerski  ….. aut…

Nothing to do with Anything

That F*%$king Sandy!



I know I have not been blogging lately.  But, I did want to write a few lines to say how amazed I feel about the wonderful people I have met through writing the Mad World books.  To everyone who read my book and blogged or reviewed about the stories-good and bad, I thank you!  Here's just a few... - Lori, girl, you are AWESOME!  Thank you for taking the time on a new author and encouraging her! I loved the review on Goodreads!  I loved the photos!…

Thank you!

There has been a massive attack of LOVE from many of my awesome readers, and effing LOVE YOU ALL BACK!  I'm just going to take some time here on my blog to shout out when one of my readers touches my heart with what they felt from my book...
THANK YOU Laurynne Meyer at her blog
Go and sign up and follow her blog, she obviously has good taste in books!  ;)

Saving Grace

Saving Grace is live on Amazon!

And take a look at the new cover for Fall From Grace and you can also download it TODAY October 6, 2012 for FREE!!!!!

Oh, and DO NOT forget the soundtrack to Saving and listen to these effing amazing musicians!  I swear you will understand and feel the story more :)