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All Nighter

I didn't mean to stay up all night.  But, I was filled with excited nervous energy. 1) Fall From Grace is ranked #379 in all of Amazon Kindle store.  Um, yeah.  Speech-effing-less. 2) I had to keep on writing Book 2 - I'm furiously going in circles with a problem that I can't seem to work through.  I'm afraid I may kill somebody. 3) My husband was playing X-box like a rock concert in my living room. 4) And I needed to get to the end of Gabriel's Inferno.  Good book, by the way if you are looking for a Fifty Shades minus the BDSM, plus classic literature and hot kissing.  But me, I needed to have these characters have SEX!  At the end of the book I'm thinking to myself that Gabriel just needs to restrain her wrists with his freaking little bow ties and just...well, know. So I've stayed up all night.  I'm going to need an IV of caffeine today.  And right now my two year old is perched on the arm of my couch with the hint of the devil in her


I'm speechless.  Humbled. Awed. Thank you Maryse for the wonderful review! Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!


Just read my email for the first time today. Bad lazy girl .  (I have an excuse... Gabriel's Inferno .) So, this is what I find... I would like to profess my love for these ladies.  I <3 you guys!  Really, truly, forever. When I pushed the publish button on Amazon I didn't think that this story would be something.  While I was writing it, yeah, I thought it was belly fluttering, but I thought maybe that would be only me that felt that way.  So I thank you ladies for giving my book a chance, sharing it with each other, and writing about it.  I hope to the gods of good writing skills, great sexy scenes, and butterfly flutters that I can do justice for book 2.  Because, you readers deserve it!

Since you asked...

Here is the picture that is on the background of the blog.  It's a photo-manipulation.  And yes, I did it.  :) Thank you for asking about it.  Besides, it's time for a break from the last scene I did with Shane and Grace.  Too intense...I'm such a tease ;)

In Love with the Love

I awoke this morning to another 5 star review!  Thank you BrazGirl! I keep receiving emails about everyone being in love with Shane and Grace's love.  It was like that for me too.  I wanted them to have something that was so uncontrollable and beyond them that even the reader felt it.  Gawd, I hope I wrote it like that! Another question was posed to me about the books I read and my reading role models and all that great stuff. My favorite authors in the entire universe are Stephen King and Doulas Adams .  I could never write like them though, you have to seriously have an imagination and patience that take you out of your body for that. But even though I love how those two write (how Adams wrote, because sadly he is gone) they haven't touched my lives like the list of authors and books below... Twilight ...I know some people have mixed feeling about this series, but really?  The first time I read that book I bought it on a whim to see what everybody was taking about.  I d

In the Beginning...

You guys don't know me.  So far all you know is I wrote an ebook and maybe you googled me (YOU ARE AWESOME!)  and now you are here on this brand spanking new blog.  Thank you. Thank you for reading what I have been up doing late at night for the last few months, and thank you for writing to tell me your feelings.  I love the emails from people telling me what should happen in the next book, keep it coming.  I love hearing about how you loved Grace.  I loved her too!  So here's just a little view into the Grace and Shane story...kind of behind the scenes view.  And before anyone says anything...all the photos I post here will be photos I have either 1) taken myself  2) purchased from a stock photography site or 3) images that I have created. I love books.  I love to create things, and always since I was a little girl, wanted to make books.  I wanted to illustrate them, write them, read them, do anything that had to do with books.  So one day I was searching for some stock phot

Holy Hotness Batman!

My freaking eyes are blurry.  I spent the night, and I mean the ENTIRE night reading Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn.  Holy.  Hot.  I'm just.  Okay, I'm stumped.  At a complete loss of words. I loved the Fifty Shades books, but this?  This was...I mean Christian Grey was someone that could never be a real person to me, maybe because I don't hang in the circles of the brazillionaire rich people. But, Brian?  Badass.  Tattooed.  Pierced.  That was more real to me.  Oh, he could do my next tattoo! I could dip my kindle in chocolate and eat it. Anyway.  I woke up this morning to another review of Fall From Grace.  Five stars.  Thank you, Kelly on Amazon!  I'm glad you liked it.  And, Sue from TN, for my first 5 stars!  You girls rock!  You made my caged butterflies burst.  They both wrote how they didn't like how there was no mention of another book.  So, today I shall remedy that.  I will upload a little thang and put it in there explaining that there will be another bo

Yay! Another Blog!

So, here is the start of my Blog. I feel like I'm typing into a diary and I'm fourteen.  Ew.  I hated fourteen.  Anyway, as a start here are my ground rules.  1) Do not take any offense of my writing style, poor grammar and speling mistackes ! I just write.  2) I have a foul mouth and a dirty mind ;) and I will use them all the time, please don't take offense. Um, that's about it! And, yes there will be another story with Shane and Grace.  I should be writing now , yet I'm blogging. And my visual side of me is thinking this whole bloggy screen needs some more of my personality in it.  Hmmmmm.  I need to look for photos and stuff.