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The Hubster

I was writing out on the back porch last night, my girls are playing on their spider infested jungle gym, screaming every 5 minutes.  My husband is sitting next to me, beer in hand.  A high school friend, my husband's best friend, and mine too, has been living with us since he split with his wife...for about two weeks now.  Phil.  He's, I swear, more of a slut than Shane.  And I'm picking his brain about his um, many friends .  My computer is out and I'm going back through the story and adding and revising, etc.... My husband leans over and peeks at my screen... "HOLY SHIT, Phil, she's writing PORN!!!!  I LOVE MY WIFE!" The swings on the jungle gym stop.  My six year old says: Mom, what's  a porn? My two year old: PORN, PORN, PORN! My next door neighbor: WHOA!  I want in on this conversation! (His head pops up over our PRIVACY fence.) Phil the slut, starts screaming along with the two year old, then makes up words:  PORN! PORN! PORN! is good for


I have to honestly tell everyone a secret here - I'm pretty amazed by the responses, the love and the support that I have gotten for Fall From Grace.  The messages, emails, reviews (good and bad) have rendered me completely speechless and I thank you readers, bloggers and book lovers everywhere for making this experience so awesome for me and I really hope I can do justice to book 2 for you! Here's a review from The Indie Bookshelf from  Melissa Brown & Janna Mashburn.  Complete with pictures of what they think the characters look like and playlists!  I <3 you ladies so f*&king much!  Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

My lack of Blogginess...

Let me start this by writing how much I love my MacBookPro.  I love it, I really do.  It has been a true best friend and loyal companion since 2006, when upon the birth of my first daughter I thought I deserved a nice new shiny toy and bought it for myself. But, somehow along the last two months I think its feelings for me have been deteriorating.  Now, I truly believe it hates me.  I have about 10,000 more words I want to write for the next book of Shane and Grace's story and the bi-otch of a computer is stopping after every three words and jumping backwards and continuing to insert the words I'm typing into the sentences before.  Confusing, right?  Try writing and reading that way.  So now I'm looking into a dell.  I think I need to go to the dark side.  I am such a MAC person this might kill me, but this book is not getting written and it's seriously twisted. Maybe it's possessed. My six year old just informed me it's because it hates my book and it doesn&


Mollie at ToughCritic Reviewed my book!  I'll take three stars!  Thank you Mollie!

Smardy Pants Book Blog!

Obsessed with Rockstars, Bad Boys and all things Paranormal? Melissa Hardy and Ashley Smith just started a brand spanking (I heart that word) book blog and Fall From Grace was the first book they reviewed.  And it was AWESOME!  Here's the link!

WooooWhoooo! Another Awesome Review!

I am so NOT showing off, please don't think that. ..I am merely sharing... and dancing a crazy-ass jig in my dining room amongst my daughters about this review.  Because sometimes when you are unsure about things, and asking yourself... Can I do this?  Is it going to be good enough?  Should I put myself out there?  These words, the supportive, kind, freaking awesome words of my readers make me feel like I did and can!  You all rock!  From the bottom of my heart I heart you guys so much!!!! And while you're there, join the blog, follow the blog, do all that bloggy readers like you do to show your support back to our awesome rockin' community of bloggers!  I don't even know if that made sense but, too bad, I'm horrible at editing and I'm still dancing my jig!

Lori's Review!

Check out Lori's Book Blog review of Fall From Grace.  Butterfreakingflies in my belly.  Thank you Lori for all your support!

Sneak Peek!

Love, love, LOVE that you guys are emailing and messaging me with all your love and support for Shane and Grace.  And thank you for the ideas for the book and blog.  I love the Quote of the Day/Sneak Peek idea, so every now and then I'll let you in on a scene...  Great idea since I completely blow at blogging and never know what to blog about! And the music!   HOLY HARMONY!  You guys have given me such awesome song ideas.  Keep em coming.  And PLEASE let me know about any Indie girl singers that have a Grace feel, I'd love to listen to something like that while I write the end of this book! What songs am I stuck on now?  Three and they are so perfect for the story... Exit Wounds by The Script  (Thanks Marie!) Thousand Years by Christina Perri (Thanks Marisa!) Better than Me by Hinder (My idea!) Quote of the Day #1 “Stop Lea.  I don’t get happily ever afters.  Those are just for fairytales and porn.”  I tried to give her a smile.  “I’ll be fine.  Please just let m

Someone Must Die! Mauhhahaha!

Okay.  I'm writing way too fast and now I have HUGE holes in the entire plot and it's like reading a different language now. I had to go back and make someone die. I bet some of you are screaming at me right now. Sorry, plot holes suck.  And not in a good way. On a good note, my 2 and 6 year old daughters received a package today with something they have been waiting for...for days (or as my 6 year old explains it 236 Kabillion years.)  Cuddle-up-its.  Those blanket-puppet things.  Hailey, my 6 year old has named hers Fushia Grace.  Emmy, my two year old named hers ShanePoppit.  I think I talk about this book too much...


It should be no surprise that I follow Maryse's Book Blog .  It's like the the Paranormal/Romance/Contemporary Book Blog Bible.  I'm not shitting you.  (Sorry, remember I curse like a sailor.)  And making sure I haven't missed any good books I was looking at (stalking) her lists of books and her wonderful reviews.  To my surprise I found a book I had never read before. I believed this to be a small crisis in my life, because she awarded this certain book 5 stars, and I didn't even know it existed.  A crisis because I read more than I breathe practically, yet I hadn't heard of this book.  Something had to be done! Broken by Megan Hart . At first when I started reading it I was thinking, Oh okay, a good sexy read.  My husband will get lucky a lot more than he already does :P But it's not just a sexy read.  There's a moment when you actually say, Oh do you go on from that?  What the hell would I do? Then the story becomes a hell of a lot more.


My house is a mess.  And, I mean A MESS!  I have toys strewn all over the floor, a sink full of dishes and let's not even talk about the piles of clothing.  Why?  Well, one because I live with a family of pigs.  And two, because I am trying so desperately to finish this story for you guys! Do you want to know what my real problem is?  Children.  Don't get me wrong.  I am blessed to have had them, I love them to the moon and back, but it's hard to write when you when they NEED to use your computer, or they NEED your lap as you type.  Let me give you an example of what I typed yesterday... My mattress spun under me to get a cat please.   Sharp painful throbs pulsed in my temples and my stomach muscles convulsed.  I forced my eyes to open, fully expecting to see my go to the  farm liver crying in agony on the pillow next to me.  Nope, just Lala sitting next to me with a cup of something that smelled a hell of a lot stronger than mint tea. See, when I write, I just sit a