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Found an old beginning...

As I wait for my next book to be polished (yes it'll be out soon!) I've been cleaning up my computer. I found the beginning of a weird story that I barely remember writing... I'm a bit intrigued as to what the hell I was thinking and where I was going with it... It's unedited so don't go yelling at me for mistakes--I make a ton of them. Part 1 Standing, shivering in front of his door in the greyish overcast shadows of the afternoon, my belly flutters low with rolls that would outshine the thunder that rumbles across the sky.   Cool rain slicks dark strands of my hair to my neck and plasters the thin cotton of my shirt across my breasts.   Fat drops of rain cling to my eyelashes and stream down my cheeks. The need to see him consumes me.   I’ve tried to make a conscious effort not to end up here, in front of his door, but he has spread his poison in me like a growing disease — purging everything that’s me and leaving only him behind. When the light from the