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I know I have not been blogging lately.  But, I did want to write a few lines to say how amazed I feel about the wonderful people I have met through writing the Mad World books.  To everyone who read my book and blogged or reviewed about the stories-good and bad, I thank you!  Here's just a few... - Lori, girl, you are AWESOME!  Thank you for taking the time on a new author and encouraging her!  I loved the review on Goodreads!   I loved the photos!

Thank you!

There has been a massive attack of LOVE from many of my awesome readers, and effing LOVE YOU ALL BACK!  I'm just going to take some time here on my blog to shout out when one of my readers touches my heart with what they felt from my book... THANK YOU    Laurynne Meyer at her blog YOU EFFING ROCK!!!!! Go and sign up and follow her blog, she obviously has good taste in books!  ;)

Saving Grace

Saving Grace is live on Amazon! And take a look at the new cover for Fall From Grace and you can also download it TODAY October 6, 2012 for FREE!!!!! Oh, and DO NOT forget the soundtrack to Saving and listen to these effing amazing musicians!  I swear you will understand and feel the story more :) Exit Wounds by The Script Ballad of Chasey Lain by Bloodhound Gang So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright Broken by Seether featuring Amy Lee My Immortal by  ‪ Evanescence ‪     Bring Me To Life by ‪Evanescence‪ 

Almost Here!

I'm thinking that Saving Grace will probably be published sometime NEXT WEEK!  My amazing new cover artist is working her magic on the covers (A new one for Fall From Grace, because you all hated the old one xoxox, and one for Saving Grace!) There are a few weird things in the book that I may need to explain...many of you don't know me, but the ones that do know I'm quite a dare devil or an "oh, why the hell not kind of a person."  With that said, some people, friends and strangers challenged me to see if I could include some 'stuff' into the story.  The list was fun and I included it all... A raven/Edgar Allen Poe (My favorite, but where the hell could I stick THAT in?) Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden (Really? I mean WTF?) Mind Eraser (Have a few with a straw and you'll see what happens!) Rainstorm (Great, it was in the middle of winter, in NYC, it SNOWS HERE!) Riding Crop (Who the hell was going to use that?  Probably Alex, but the story is