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To My Editor And Beyond!

Okay, so if you're not a friend of mine on Facebook this is me telling you what I've told my facebook friends this morning.  SAVING GRACE is in the hands of my EDITOR! Yay!  This may take a few weeks, depending on how craptabulous my grammar is.  Which, I'm telling ya, is CRAPTABULOUS!  She goes through my sentence structure and my horrible habit of typing the entirely wrong homophones, even though I usually know the difference I just type too darn fast for my brain. Or is it my brain tells the story too darn fast for my big fat fingers?  I dunno.  And remember my two year old loves to kick me and sit behind me on my chair while I type. Anyway a bunch of you ladies have been asking me all about it, and you're waiting very patiently (thank you).  God, I hope I don't let you down.  The story is definitely a continuation of Fall From Grace.  It continues exactly where Grace left off, and hell no it's not going to be so easy for a happily ever after.  I still need

Saving Grace!

I AM DONE!  Yes, I finished Saving Grace , the second book to Fall From Grace, this morning.  I have been staring at it on my computer screen since 7 am.  I'm waiting for my editor to see her schedule and if she'll be able to correct most likely every single f$#king sentence I wrote. I'm a nervous wreck though, because I truly think it stinks, but I thought Fall From Grace stunk too.  I just fell in love with what I WANTED the story to be.  And let's face it, I fell in love with Shane.  I gotta say though that during Saving Grace I started crushing on Alex. So now onto Shane's point of view!  I have a little over 30,000 words so far, but I'm wondering if I can actually get into the mind of a guy like I need.  Hmmm. It's way too early to start drinking right? My two year old says yes.  Darn.

Shout Out!

I just wanted to give a SHOUT OUT and thank you to Laurynne for writing about Fall From Grace on her Blog -   (Every reviewer and blogger out there:  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!  If it weren't for you spreading the word about our books, us indie authors would be still # 1,999,999 in rankings.) I love that everyone keeps referring to Shane as the guy in the picture in this blog or M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold (I love him and I love his band, and I think his wife is the luckiest woman on the face of the earth!!!!!)  Um, just letting everyone know I seriously have book sex with those two guys every night as I'm finishing book 2.  SOOOOO good. Someone wrote to me today and said I should lock myself in a closet and throw some snacks to my husband and kids to finish the book.  GOD I WISH!  I actually have one of those houses with really no closets!  Okay, there's a small one in each bed