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Super Secret Writing...

Do you want to know a little secret? I've been working on a secret project with a bunch of other talented authors. An anthology. The first one I have ever been in. It's not your usual anthology either. You know you want to read something a little different. It's called Beneath the Cape--the Superhero Anthology and it was created with the sole purpose of benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.  Stay tuned for more info soon. In the meantime, here's the first few pages of my short story that will be in the anthology... Heroes by Christine Zolendz...July 2015 This can't be happening to me. Can't be. There's a good chance I may puke up this morning's breakfast all over myself. Folding my arms around my middle, I squeeze myself hard to stop the whirling, unnerving feeling slowly bubbling up my esophagus. Okay, just breathe and focus. I'm trying to read the words on the paper, but they just blur in front of my eyes. They can&#