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November News

My latest manuscript is in the hands of....MY MOTHER... It's finished.  It's edited.  But it needs my mom's stamp of approval.  I don't know when it will be published because it still needs a cover and I think I'll be either trying to find an awesome cover artist or doing it myself.  The cover artist I always use won't be available until May (she's that awesome!  I love her!)  But, I don't want to wait for May. So I'll give you this much...the title... Brutally Beautiful As soon as I know more I will post here and on Facebook. Love you guys!

$ .99 in November! Books on SALE!

Ninety Nine in November Sale November is coming and you know what that means? Eventually, there will be a BLACK FRIDAY Sale. It also means THANKSGIVING is right around a corner. And that means it's almost time for the biggest holiday of them all: CHRISTMAS. But there’s usually not much going on the first part of November, so we decided we’d have a Ninety Nine in November sale! Why a group sale, just before the granddaddy of all sales? Because we’re awesome like that, and this is how we roll. Seriously, this is a great opportunity to get virtual stocking stuffers for your nearest and dearest. Buy that Kindle and stuff it with awesome books! When is it happening? November 1st-30th Who’s participating? The following authors are dropping their prices for this one-time event (*PLEASE NOTE: if there are no dates indicated by the prices, the book will be on sale the entire month of November): On Sale from $1.50 to $0.99 $0.99 The Palms by S. Celi Am