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Brutally Beautiful is on SALE! For the first time ever, and for a limited time only, Kade Grayson and Samantha Mathews story is only 99¢! AMAZON US AMAZON UK AMAZON CA There was blood all over my hands and I knew I was losing control, because I was more desperate to find a drink, than a napkin to clean off the mess.   A few really strong drinks to block out everything that happened.   I needed something strong to jumpstart my terrified ass into breathing normally again.   My fingers slid across my blood soaked steering wheel, while my body ached and pounded.   Shaking with harsh violent tremors, I tried to catch my breath and focus on driving as fast as I could.   Icy chills from the cold night wracked through my shoulders, even though I had the heater turned up high and the windows closed.   Maybe the bitter coldness was coming from somewhere deep inside me .   The thought sent a quake of chills surging across my throbbing collarbone. “Can you still drive?   Lemme

Finding Love: Book 3 in the Behind Blue Lines Series is LIVE!

Finding Love is LIVE! - Buy your copy NOW! Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon AU:   Finding Love: Behind Blue Lines (Book 3)      With an unexpected ring of my doorbell, my life turns upside down. A missing mother, two neglected children, and one extremely gorgeous man collide into my perfectly guarded heart.          I tried to resist Dylan Sanborn, chasing after other “things” just to protect my heart. Both of us tried, but we were totally wrong for each other. I was forever single, and he was a father with two children, and still married. I wasn’t going to break up a marriage, and neither would he. But bad things happen to good people, and when the truth comes to light in a shocking way, we find out our love was more significant than the both of us