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Here's the cover with the book blurb!

Brutally Beautiful Cover Reveal

Brutally Beautiful’s Cover… More intoxicating than any drug is story writing, to me.When a small seed of an idea is planted in my mind, it gnaws at me, clawing its way into everything I do, everything I am.The story haunts me.The characters are real and live, fumbling about my home, waiting wide-eyed in wonder.I don’t sleep.They wake me up at night, in the darkness with their whispers and demands.And, as always I surrender to them.Praying that the words get written the correct way the visions dance in my head.It’s as if I’m a wet rag absorbing everything…then I put my fingertips to the keyboard and get wrung out until I’m dry. Then I sit back and read it and think, holy shit…what the hell?And just as fast as they exploded into my mind, they leave and I’m breathless.I can’t wait for everyone to read my story…

Merry Effing Christmas!


Brutally Beautiful Teaser #2

Teaser #2 Immersed, consumed in whatever he was writing, I took advantage of his distraction to study him raptly.Leaning forward, the chiseled features of his face illuminated by the glow of his computer screen, his fingers danced quickly over the keys.He looked a mess.Hair tousled, falling darkly across his forehead, tight gray shirt, a simple cotton one, clung to his body, demonstrating his powerful chest and hard solid muscular arms.A smear of ketchup covered his cheek from the half-eaten hamburger lying on the dish next to his laptop.I found myself drawn in, in front of him, softly wiping the smear from his cheek.“Shit,” he whispered, looking up with wide eyes.

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Brutally Beautiful WILL be PUBLISHED in JANUARY!!

Brutally Beautiful will be published sometime in early January - so I have about 3-4 weeks of teasing to get to, huh?

Here's Tuesday's Teaser #1:

“Well…you look like first degree murder, and me, I look like an assault with a deadly weapon.  What the hell do you think we LOOK LIKE?” She rubbed her fingers over her face and smeared a streak of blood across her tanned cheeks.  Oh my…Oh my God, there’s a lot of blood.  What the hell did I do?  “Just pull over, Sam.  You’re going to freaking bleed out while driving.  You’re leaking like a sieve.”
I gave her a little snort, “Don’t worry, okay?  They’re just flesh wounds; nothing is internally bleeding.  I’m just…I think we’re in shock…that’s all.  And I don’t think most of the blood is mine.” I ran my hand through my auburn strands of hair and my fingers came away bloodier.  Suddenly, I developed an acute case of Tourette’s syndrome, “Fuck!  That fucking-shit-son-of-an-ass-monkey-dick-weasel!”  I didn’t remember getting hit in the h…

What Is Goin' On?

Mauh! I know I never blog anymore.  I've been locked away writing, writing, writing.  Oh, and all that Mommy and Wifey stuff the people around here demand from me.  I decided to take a bit of a break and let you know about everything that is going on here, by me.  Have I ever told you guys I'm extremely shy and HATE talking about myself? (And, I don't know if you can tell, but I learned how to put these cute little gifs into my blog.)
So, what the hell have I been doing since the release of Scars and Songs?  Well, you nosey little things, I've written three books (and a half a million little stories with outlines.)  Don't get all excited though, things aren't that close to getting on your eReaders. The first story I started writing, I actually began a long long time ago.  It's a really hard story to write because it's based on some harsh true things that have happened to me in my life.  BASED on truth, not a memoir.  However, I got to a point in the st…