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Best Man - A kindle Short Short is Here!

Best Man - A Kindle Flirt is live on Amazon. Just a 1-2 hour read. Only $.99! Only on Amazon! BUY IT NOW ON AMAZON!


Kindle Shorts! That sounds funny. I'm picturing Kindle, a little old man, wearing really tiny pale blue shorts. He's sitting in one of those old orange and yellow striped plastic chairs, holding a sex on the beach in his hand. He's sipping it through a crazy straw. I'm disturbing myself, honestly, with the images. Anyway, it's really Kindle Short Stories I'm talking about. They take about an hour to two hours to read. Quick and fun. And I have a few lined up, I call them FLIRTS...I'm hoping to publish one a month as I write my longer books. Here's a little peek at the covers I came up with...