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Nothing to do with Anything

This has nothing to do with anything. So why am I even bothering?  Beats the crap outta me.  But I will.  Just because I think it might be fun.  And sometimes when life is kicking your ass, you need to take some time and giggle a little.  Just a little chuckle. For some strange reason many of my readers think it’s an important question to ask…how old I am.  Why the eff anybody would wanna know that is beyond me.  Hmmm.  Does it make a difference?  Do I write from my life experience, am I too young to know things, too young and don’t have certain experiences, or am I too old to not remember things, or be so far from the real youth of today? I dunno.   I don’t believe that any of that shit has to do with being a storyteller.  I’ve met six year olds that have, unfortunately, more life experience than me.  And I’ve also met sixty year olds that have lived such a sheltered life they’ve never driven a car or been on a vacation farther than 20 miles from their home. But

That F*%$king Sandy!

I am FINALLY able to go back online.  A tiny miracle amongst many that I have seen in the last three awful weeks here in NYC.  I have over 1000 messages to go through on Facebook, this blog, my email, and Goodreads so please have patience with me and I will get in touch with all of you!  xoxox The majority of my messages are about what's been happening here with me and I promise to try to answer all the questions in this blog.   Oct 29 the East Coast was introduced to a Bitch of a Storm named Sandy.  Before it even got here it was deemed a natural disaster, public schools were closed (which is a another miracle in NYC) and many towns along the shores were evacuated.  I live in NYC, the southern tip in a neighborhood named Howard Beach.  We were NOT evacuated.   We fucking should have been .   I live in a ranch style house (one level) 7 blocks away from Crossbay Blvd and the Jamaica Bay which spills into the Atlantic Ocean.  My family (Dan my husband, my daughters