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What an AWESOME review!

Thank you to Jessica and Rachel over at BOOKSLAPPED, for um, book slapping me!
I love this review!  Check it out and make sure to listen to the music!

Scars and Songs is PUBLISHED!

Scars and Songs Teaser #3!

Teaser #3 - Remember this scene?  What the eff was Shane thinking?  Oh, you're gonna find out soon...maybe sooner than you think ;)
“Hello?”  God, her voice was amazing.  It could soothe a man’s restless soul.
“Where are you?” I demanded.
“I’m in bed, Shane.  Honestly, I just fell getting the phone and right now, I’m on the damn floor.  Why are you calling me?”  Oh shit.  SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!  They were in bed already? I stumbled down the block faster.
“Is Ethan with you?”
“No.”  Low.  Quiet.  Full of hurt.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have...” I was on her block.  I was a freaking stalker now and not about to stop.
“Don’t feed me any of your crap, Shane.  I have no idea why you think you can call me at any hour and pretend you give a crap about who I leave a bar with.”  Pretend?  I fucking wish I were pretending.  I am in fucking love with you.  I had to tell her I loved her.

I'm such a tease, huh?

Scars and Songs Teaser #1


Holy Book Trailers Batman!
This was sent to me yesterday and I'm floored.
OMG.  I can't speak or write.  I'm just so excited.

Cover Reveal and Release Date!

Well, it's about time!
I'm going to press that little publish button this Saturday - June 15, 2013
Here's the cover to Scars and Songs...