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What an AWESOME review!

Thank you to Jessica and Rachel over at BOOKSLAPPED, for um, book slapping me! I love this review!  Check it out and make sure to listen to the music!

Scars and Songs is PUBLISHED!

Yes, Shane just went live! Amazon link - Barnes & Nobles

Scars and Songs Teaser #3!

Teaser #3 - Remember this scene?  What the eff was Shane thinking?  Oh, you're gonna find out soon...maybe sooner than you think ;) “Hello?”  God, her voice was amazing.  It could soothe a man’s restless soul. “Where are you?” I demanded. “I’m in bed, Shane.  Honestly, I just fell getting the phone and right now, I’m on the damn floor.  Why are you calling me?”  Oh shit.  SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!  They were in bed already? I stumbled down the block faster. “Is Ethan with you?” “No.”  Low.  Quiet.  Full of hurt. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have...” I was on her block.  I was a freaking stalker now and not about to stop. “Don’t feed me any of your crap, Shane.  I have no idea why you think you can call me at any hour and pretend you give a crap about who I leave a bar with.”  Pretend?  I fucking wish I were pretending.  I am in fucking love with you.  I had to tell her I loved her.

I'm such a tease, huh?

Teaser # 2 Everybody Needs A Best Friend Like Lea I opened the door not even two inches wide and peeked at her through the small opening.  “I’m not up for talking, Lea.” “Great, you sexy shithead, because all I want you to do it listen.  I’ll talk s-l-o-w,” she snapped.  Then she shoved her tiny little body through the door, which caused it to smack right into my head with a sickly thud.  “You deserve that, maybe it will knock some sense into that gorgeous empty head of yours.” She dove right onto my bed and cuddled up in my blankets.  “How many girls have you had in this bed, Shane?” I gave her a sad smile and kicked at the foot of my bed.  “It was only Grace until the second you threw yourself on there.  What in the world would Conner think?”  I teased her. She giggled in the way that only Lea does and sat up.  “Conner would think you skipped the vaccine they were handing out against dumb-ass-ness .  Listen, Studley Maxton, I am definitely on your be

Scars and Songs Teaser #1

Teaser #1 Shane You Bad Boy! I remembered the knock on my door.  The blonde was topless, and fuck, I am only human. Then we were in the Bone Room and were walking clumsily, kissing and sucking at each other, tongues and mouths and fingers touching each other as we stumbled onto the bed.  She pulled my boxers down and her lips were immediately wrapped around my cock so tightly, it almost hurt.  I remembered opening the slut drawer and throwing a wad of condoms at her and using them all.  I took a deep, pained breath and ran my hands over my face.  Guilt flooded through me, causing a thickness in my throat.  It had been nine months, and the guilt was still so damn overwhelming.  I did all this shit to punish myself, to forget myself, to forget Selah.  I drank to forget her, to forget being what I was, and I slept with the trash that threw themselves at me, trying to pretend they were all her and trying to forget I would never see her again. The body on the


Holy Book Trailers Batman! This was sent to me yesterday and I'm floored. OMG.  I can't speak or write.  I'm just so excited.

Cover Reveal and Release Date!

Well, it's about time! I'm going to press that little publish button this Saturday - June 15, 2013 Here's the cover to Scars and Songs...