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Pre-order Alert!

****Fallen Kingdom will be out this Wednesday, March 20! **** From  USA Today Bestseller Christine Zolendz , comes book two in her new, haunting paranormal series  Ravenswood . The return. The deal. The ultimate sacrifice.    Returning to the ominous and sinister Ravenswood is the last thing Rainey Halerow wants. She can't sit back while innocent souls suffer at the hands of the evil King Hemlock. Hellbent on doing anything to protect them, Rainey does the unthinkable by making a deal with the devil.  But, he wants her loyalty and so much more than she's willing to give. Refusing to cave to the demands of the King forces Rainey into an impossible situation.  Now, she must save herself—or the ones she loves. It's a choice she'll die to make. Will she fall to the kingdom determined to destroy her?  Ravenswood (Book 1) Fallen Kingdom (Book 2) Pre-order