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Inappropriate Journals are a BIG HIT!

I love all the feedback I'm getting for the Inappropriate Journal collection I I thought I'd make some more. I love making these. Check them out, they make great gifts!

Well, that Sh*t Didn't Work...An Autobiography (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 7) Amazon:
I Can't Fix Crazy. All I Can Do Is Document It. (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 8) Amazon:
All the Sh*t I Do When No One Is Watching (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 9) Amazon:

All the Reasons Why I'm Going to Hell (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 10) Amazon:
Adventures of an Assassin. You Could Read This...But Then I'd Have to Kill You! (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 11) Amazon:

First I Drink the Wine. Then I Write the Words. (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 12) Amazon:
And remember, Fall From Grace is FREE EVERYWHERE! 

There's a new collection of Journals just in time for the holidays...Introducing Inappropriate Journals!
The Little Black Book of All the Sh*t I Have to Do Today: Volume 1 (Inappropriate Journals) Amazon US: Amazon UK:
My Little Black Book of All the Idiots I Would Love to Throat Punch (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 2) Amazon US: Amazon UK:
Drunk Rantings: Journal (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 3) Amazon US: Amazon UK:
Keep Your Hands off My F*cking Journal. Jerk. (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 4) Amazon US: Amazon UK:
My Little Black Book of Inappropriate Thoughts (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 5) Amazon US: Amazon UK:
My Little Black Book of All the Brilliant Ideas I Have When Sh*tfaced (Inappropriate Journals) (Volume 6) Amazon US: