What Is Goin' On?

I know I never blog anymore.  I've been locked away writing, writing, writing.  Oh, and all that Mommy and Wifey stuff the people around here demand from me.  I decided to take a bit of a break and let you know about everything that is going on here, by me.  Have I ever told you guys I'm extremely shy and HATE talking about myself?
(And, I don't know if you can tell, but I learned how to put these cute little gifs into my blog.)

So, what the hell have I been doing since the release of Scars and Songs?  Well, you nosey little things, I've written three books (and a half a million little stories with outlines.)  Don't get all excited though, things aren't that close to getting on your eReaders.
The first story I started writing, I actually began a long long time ago.  It's a really hard story to write because it's based on some harsh true things that have happened to me in my life.  BASED on truth, not a memoir.  However, I got to a point in the story where it was too hard for me to write without crying, and I needed to stop.  In my mind, my words would never do the story justice, and it was just so damn emotional for me.  The story is titled Here's To Falling.  And eventually it will come out, and I will be able to finish the last few chapters, and it won't kill me.  Hopefully.  If you're interested, I have lots of pictures on Pinterest that give you images of the things in my mind as I wrote it.

The next book I started working on was called Brutally Beautiful.  I wrote the book fast, because the story hit me all at once.  I was literally crying in my writing cave from rereading a chapter in Here's to Falling and as I was wiping my tears on my sleeves (yeah eww, I know) the image of a woman's hands full of blood and clutching a steering wheel hit me like a brick.  I started writing, with her whispering her story in my ear.  And I have to admit, the first chapter was written within ten minutes and I was so pissed off when I reread it.  GOD!  This is like everything else out there, I thought.  But it wasn't, not when the story continued and secrets were shown to me, and the twists and the turns poured out of my fingertips.  That's where I met Kade, and that character just killed me.  You'll see why.  First you will hate him, and then, I hope, you'll understand him and learn to love and accept him.  Brutally Beautiful ended and Cold Blooded Beautiful began just because those characters kept talking to me and I really wanted all the secrets and all the insanity. 
SO where am I now?  Brutally Beautiful is waiting to be formatted.  Every formatter I've contacted has waiting lists the size of the Great Wall of China, and I didn't want to wait. So I've been bouncing around seeing who is available.  I usually format myself, but this particular book has chapter headings and letters that needed to be inserted.  Every time I tried to do it, it came out ass-backwards.  Cold Blooded Beautiful is almost done, and I want to make sure that there wasn't too much time between both books.  No worries, there are no insane cliffhangers in them, I think I learned my lesson.  Again, you can visit my Pinterest for some visuals. I promise they will leave your mouth watering!
This whole Indie thing has been one hell of a learning process for me, and I thank each and every one of you that have messaged me and told me you want me to continue my writing.  Hopefully, you'll see some maturity in my writing and love these new stories as much as the previous ones.  In the next few weeks I will be sharing teasers and cover reveals, plus the release date.  I'm just getting all my ducks in a row right now.  You'll even get to see my hand at Photoshop, because I made my own covers for Brutally Beautiful and Cold Blooded Beautiful, which I'm kind of really excited about having done.  They are no where near as nice as my cover artist would have done, but I was too impatient and I love her work too much to give anyone else my money, so I just did it all by myself.  Be kind.  :)
I'm also thinking of doing some contests with all the promos on Facebook for the books, so keep in touch.  Kind of like a celebration of my release (I'm thinking end of Dec...) and my birthday on Dec 27, this birthday is a big one.  I'll be turning 30 (AGAIN!)  
(Okay, so I've turned 30 a few times, shut up.)
Don't judge me.
Just like my books.  :)
Love you guys!
~ Chris


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