Are You There, Karma? It's Me, Jane.

Suddenly the crowded stadium goes wild. Something is happening that’s making everyone cheer. My eyes catch on the giant screen across the field from us, the one that’s supposed to show replays of the game. Instead, it was giving us a pornographic rendition of a couple actually making it to second base. The crowd roars.
It’s the Kiss Cam.
The scene cuts to another couple getting closer to home base. The crowd stomps their feet now and I swear the entire stadium shakes. Even the team mascot gets involved and does a perverted little dance next to the couple.
The next shot is a proposal with a ring that blinds half of the crowd, and a cheer deafens the rest of us.
I sit on the edge of my seat watching. It’s porn and romance.
“Oh damn, look at her face, this isn’t going to end well,” a deep voice next to me says.
The guy is right. The woman on the screen’s face turns bright red. She looks somewhere in between appalled and stunned stupid, and a lot like she’s about to vomit. She covers her mouth with her hand and dry heaves. The camera zooms in. The man next to me is loudly talking to his friends. “I think she’s about to throw up, definitely not a good sign. Jesus, I’d hate to be that guy.”
Jeez, he’s totally right. Oh my God, I can’t look anymore. Why are they still zooming in on the poor girl’s face? And how could she say no to him in front of everybody?
The camera zooms in even closer, and I grip onto the armrests of my seat, waiting for the outcome. But my armrest moves and grunts out a slur of swear words that any sensible woman would try not to repeat. Startled, I turn and look at the man whose arm my nails are digging into.
“Oh God, I’m so sor—” I lose all train of thought and normal speech abilities.
He turns his head to face me and does this weird sort of double take and blinks a few times.
Dark hair. Hazel eyes. The bristle of a five o’clock shadow growing in.
I can’t look away.

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