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And that was the easy part.
Picking up the pieces of my mother's affair and her lies,
That is all I have ever done and known.
I gave up everything,
I gave up him,
To find my place in this world.
And now, I am back in the middle of it all again,
And he sees me as nothing more than a carbon copy of her,
A tramp just looking to get my claws into him,
And his money.
This is so much more than that,
This is my life, my dignity, and my future,
All rolled into one big scandal.
This time, my life is on the line,
My future hangs in the balance,
And he's my only hope.

That's all she is,
All she's ever been.
And now, she comes barreling into my life
Like an avalanche,
But I refuse to get buried by her lies, her actions, her scandal.
She's cold and cunning,
Like the blizzard that trapped us here.
I'm no fool though, I won't be tempted by her warmth, her body, her touch.
I can't forget,
Refuse to forget,
She's just like her mother,
And we're enemies,
Nothing more,
Nothing less.  


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